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Not just Samba - learn other Brazilian, African & Reggae influenced rhythms

New! Taster Days - come and have a go, try out different instruments, get a feel for our rhythms, have fun and make a big noise :)


Taster Days 2024

Starting 3rd March - come along to Willows High School in Tremorfa, Cardiff.

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Drumming and Percussion - Tams, Bells, Shakers, Surdos, Centrdors, Caixa..

You will learn the core rhythms and breaks, whilst being part of a warm and vibrant community.  Don’t let the ‘Samba’ in our name fool you – we DO do Samba (and very well too!) – but you will also learn Brazilian, Cuban and African rhythmic forms as well. Our repertoire includes Samba Reggae and Maracatu from the northeast of Brazil; Conga and 6/8 rhythyms from Cuba and the Caribbean; and even rootsier stuff from West Africa.


If you’re expecting bikinis and feathers I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed!

Samba Galêz dance reflects the range of musical styles of the band and its rich fusions. The majority of our pieces were choreographed by Sallie MacLennan and are constantly evolving and developing.  We Samba, yes, but we also incorporate ancient Afro-Brazilian traditions including Orisha and Afoxé, modern Salvador carnival styles like Samba Reggae, hip hop & street dance influences, and we even have a specially choreographed piece drawing on traditional West African dance (devised by master dancer Idrissa Camara).  

There’s something for everyone and moves can be adapted to suit all abilities.

Performances vary from Busking on match days, leading carnival parades, encouraging marathon runners to entertaining pre-match international football  crowds.