South Wales’ Premier Latin Percussion Band.

Since 1990, Samba Galêz has been thrilling audiences at parades, festivals, clubs and major events in Wales and beyond – and we’re still pushing the boundaries of Latin percussion, earning recognition as one of the top bands of our kind in the UK.

The Band Playing

Don’t let the ‘Samba’ in our name fool you – we DO do Samba (and very well too!) – but we are equally adept at other Brazilian, Cuban and African rhythmic forms as well. Our repertoire includes Samba Reggae and Maracatu from the northeast of Brazil; Conga and 6/8 rhythyms from Cuba and the Caribbean; and even rootsier stuff from West Africa.


Our group of dancers bring extra energy, colour and dynamism to our performances. Be aware though, they tend to wear a few more clothes than they do in Rio!


We can organise workshops for any event, from corporate days to hen and stag-dos. Complete novices can play reasonable Samba in a short time – and we guarantee everyone will enjoy the experience!

Wherever you like
Dancing in the rain
Rain? Hah!
  • Street Carnivals
  • Parades
  • Club gigs
  • Promotional Events -if you need to “drum up” support, we are your guys…


We are also locally famous for our ad-hoc busks in Cardiff City Centre. So if you’re out and about on a Saturday afternoon, keep your ears open!

Get in touch!

If we sound like what you are seeking for your event, large or small. local or not, get in touch. We will do everything we can to accommodate you.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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