Sat, Nov 1st, 2014

All Day

High Street, Bridgwater

Thousands of people are predicted to flock to Bridgwater for this years carnival.

Dig out your hats, gloves and scarfs and prepare for one of the biggest and most exciting events in the Somerset social calendar .

It will take 2 and half hours for all the floats to pass you regardless of where you watch the parade.

The evening will finish up with the world famous ‘squibbing’ which cannot be missed!!

Come and join Samba Galez in these wonderful celebrations, and be prepare to be amazed!!

The Things People Say...

We booked Samba Galez to mark the end of our Walk4Life event along Cardiff Barrage – as the weather turned out to be dreadful, we realised we had made a very good choice! The music and dancing was a great end to a very wet walk, and the atmosphere lightened considerably when we heard them. If it wasn’t for the rain we would have stayed and danced longer!

Ramblers Cymru, 2011

I was in town with my boy on Saturday & we came across you and your drum band – awesome!!! I have to admit the beat hit me to the core & all I wanted to do was cry cos it was so primal & uplifting – cracking!! And Franklin loved it too :-)

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